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Launching Career Opportunities through Drone Experiences

safety drone

While Aotearoa has a Digital Technologies curriculum, funded PLD, and examples of schools sharing expertise through online platforms, many rangatahi are still at risk of staying technologically illiterate. Papakura High School, its Careers Department and the STEM leadership have made a concerted effort to connect careers in the digital technology field with dynamic learning experiences using drones.

Says Satchet Singh, HOD of IT/STEM, “Year 11 students have been learning the skills of Aviation by learning piloting skills in the classroom. Students learned how to fly and navigate a drone and the role of the Pilot, Observer, and Safety Officer. This is all part of the global use of Drone surveillance and how Drones can be used to solve problems today, such as investigating bush fires and surveying recent floods in Australia. This is a 10 Credit NCEA Level 1 Achievement standard project. Students will also create a website to show their evidence of Drone surveillance.” 

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