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About the Event:
We engaged in pilot study with VTNZ in an effort to get more students studying towards and gaining their driver licence.

Resources Used:
Links to Driver Training website.
Links to Road Code online.
‘Driven For Success’ game.
Copies of the questions asked for study purposes.
Police engagement with helping with our students.
‘In-house’ support within school—learning support etc.
Motivation from Board and SLT to support this.
VTNZ—their pilot programme
Drive IQ/GOT Drive Hawkes Bay

24 students earned their learner licence, with more than 50 driving lessons were undertakenand 6 students becoming successful in gaining their restricted licence.

Having the driving located at school made a HUGE difference in terms of equity with no transport required and the activity in a location known to students.

Staff were very supportive, and shared in the success of the students.

Some of the main challenges were time—it is a big commitment to facilitate something like this. Also, communication with individual students to ensure that they made it to their allocated lesson or test etc.

Costs were absorbed by the school. Police time was donated/prioritised. VTNZ had costs which they absorbed (eg staff) as it was a pilot. There were the fixed costs for the licence itself and driving lessons and tests.

If we could pass on any advice it would be to make this your only commitment for the duration of the initiative as clashes with teaching and other commitments add to the pressure.

The Driving Change Network has a lot of research into this area.


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