Letter from the President, March 2019

Our March executive meeting, held at Te Papa, ended with our Canterbury representative telling us that there had been a shooting in Christchurch. We wished her well and began our journeys to the various corners of the country. Those of us with later flights watched in shock as the airport TV’s conveyed the unfolding horror.

A week on as I write this, our nation will never be the same. We have all been a part something unthinkable, terrifying and shattering. New Zealanders find this crime particularly repulsive as we think we are better than this. And we are. The outpouring of support for our Muslim whanau demonstrates that we are a united, tolerant and caring people and we will not stand for this attack on our own. The shooter who shall not be named has succeeded in bringing us together in strength as love has conquered hate. However, this has come at a terrible price for those directly affected. On behalf of all CATE members, I extend our greatest respect to the victims and deepest sympathy and support to the survivors and to our colleagues who are at the face of the tragedy.

At the executive meeting which occurred on this darkest of days, we got through a fair amount of business which I will summarise for you below.

Conference scholarships. These are back for 2019 to the value of $1500 per region. Our last two conferences have returned lower profits which is the reason for the reduced amount. As always, it is up to the region to determine how the money is allocated.

As you may be aware, we are in the consultation phase in the review of Vocational Education. Firstly, I always state that I dislike that phrase as it has become loaded and stigmatised. A vocation is a calling so therefore it is a misuse of the word as if only the practical occupations can be a calling! Anyway, our executive team worked on a submission and this has been sent in just meeting the very short timeframe! Your executive member has a copy of this submission which can be requested by you.

Despite the efforts of several people including our current webmaster Mark, our website is still not best serving the needs of our members. This is mainly because it has been built ad hoc and the CMS is not user-friendly. We have decided to conduct a review of the website with a view to it being completely rebuilt on a different platform.

We have formed a sub-committee to manage our Network of Expertise contract valued at $150000pa for two years. This group will meet on May 21 to develop a structure for contracting a person to carry out the work. We think a large chunk of the work will be determining the need before we can develop the resources to professionally develop Careers staff in each region.

The same sub-committee is working with Taranaki based Bishop’s Action Foundation to develop our strategic plan for 2019-2020. The need for clear, strategic operations and governance has been highlighted by the Network of Expertise contract. We will be seeking member contributions to the strategic plan.

Our final agenda item on Friday 15 March was a presentation from Ben and Clare from the MoE. They updated us on ‘Careers Action Plan for Schooling’ and your executive member will have a hand-out that was presented. Quite frankly, there was not a lot of new information provided and several of us expressed our impatience and frustration with the perceived snail pace of progress on The Terrace. We continue to maintain the relationships and look forward to future announcement and tangible progress.


Wiki is our Hawkes Bay executive member. She updated us on conference progress. Everything is on track. The is event is smaller this year and it is selling fast. You will need to be organised if you do not wish to miss out.

As-salāmu ʿalaykum. Peace be upon you.

Warwick Foy
CATE President