Letter from the President, June 2019

We met at the revamped Wellington airport meeting rooms which was great because the extra travel to our alternative venues has been eating into our meeting times. Thank you to executive members for your flexibility over the last 18 months – especially to those who travel a long way on the day. I trust that your members value your commitment!

We are ready to appoint our Kaiarahi. This is an exciting new initiative and we look forward to seeing the work of the successful candidate. I would like members to understand that we have a transparent and robust procedure around the secondment process. We have received advice from a Networks of Expertise to ensure that we are running a fair process that results in a great appointment. 

You may have noticed that we’ve let our website go a little bit. A number of us have been frustrated for a while with some of the functionality which is old and not user-friendly. We are working on a new website and this will be launched at the conference. In the meantime, we will maintain basic operations and ask for your patience with dated content. 

We heard from Event Dynamics and our Hawkes Bay member that conference is on track and looking great. We have stated before that the conference is smaller this year and it is inevitable that some folks will miss out. We apologise for this but it is the price of sharing the conference around, especially to our regions. We believe this is important. Set aside some time for Sunrise Yoga which will be a hit for sure! We accepted an exciting offer for conference 2020 and as per tradition, this will be announced in Napier. 

One of our speakers gave us this gem which I would like to share with you. Eldred Gilbert from the New Zealand Nurses Organisation asked us to “look past the virtues”. Her point was that their sector, like many, is perceived in a way that is not helpful for the recruitment of the best people. Being a good people-person with a caring manner is great but looking past those virtues, the sector needs technically progressive and skilled people who are capable of doing the job to level of a contemporary nurse. Prospective nurses need a good base of science from Year 9-12 at least and the sector is keen to have more diversity as it caters for an increasingly diverse population. 


I trust that you will have a safe and restful holiday. 

Ngā mihi


Warwick Foy
CATE President