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Universities New Zealand – Media release

18 May 2016

Career system reforms a step in the right direction

Universities New Zealand has described government reforms to give secondary students better access to high quality and accurate careers advice as a step in the right direction.

Government has announced today that Careers New Zealand will become part of the Tertiary Education Commission and careers services in schools are to be reviewed.

Chris Whelan, Executive Director of Universities New Zealand, describes the current careers information system as a mishmash.

“The problem is that there are too many government agencies, schools and providers producing different and often poor quality or incomplete information.  Within schools, the quality and amount of careers advice varies significantly, meaning many students aren’t getting the advice or information they need to make the best study and career choices.

He says school students need to be thinking about their broad career pathway as early as their first or second year at secondary school, so they are taking the right subjects as they move into NCEA.

“We therefore welcome reforms that will ensure a more joined-up system, delivering more consistent information.

“Universities New Zealand has long argued that the traditional guidance counselling and careers planning functions in schools should receive professional guidance from one national body.  The sooner this critical function is given the recognition and support it deserves the better it will be for this country’s young people.”

Though Careers NZ will become part of the TEC, Chris Whelan hopes that the knowledge and experience of Careers NZ will be retained and built upon.

“Careers New Zealand has been the one part of the system that has been working particularly well in providing advice and support to young New Zealanders.  They have good systems, good people and effective leadership.  New Zealand universities hope that this merger will recognise and build upon these strengths.”

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Universities New Zealand media release

21 March 2016

NZ universities all ranked in world’s top 100 by subject

New Zealand’s universities have again demonstrated they are world class, with all ranked in the top 100 universities in the world in one or more subjects.

Chris Whelan, Executive Director of Universities New Zealand, describes it as an outstanding result.

“The results show that our eight universities are among the best in the world, despite competition from larger and better funded institutions in the United States and Europe.

“Based on these results our universities are ranked among the top 50 universities in the world in 21 different subjects, with 68 subjects ranked in the world’s top 100.

“This year, across the top 100 subjects, universities have slipped down the rankings in 13 subjects, improved in 13 subjects, and remained the same in 32 subjects.  Ten are new subjects.”

A highlight this year is the ranking given by employers.

“Employers have demonstrated that they are very happy with the quality of graduates entering their profession or industry.  They have given New Zealand’s universities an average score of 80% across the top 100 subjects.

But Chris Whelan warns that our hold on top rankings is not to be taken for granted.

“International competition for rankings is just getting more intense as every country and university wants to attract the best teachers, researchers and students.  New Zealand universities receive about 70% of the funding per student as comparable universities in Australia and the United Kingdom.”

“If New Zealand wants to maintain the international quality of its university system for students and employers, it is going to need to take a hard look at the level of investment.”

The results include:

–          New Zealand’s only Dentistry School at the University of Otago is ranked 12th best in the world.

–          The University of Auckland is ranked in the top 50 across 15 different subjects.

–          New Zealand’s only Veterinary Science programme at Massey University is ranked 25th in the world.

–          Both Medical Schools at Auckland and Otago are highly ranked (ie at 51-100 and 101-150 respectively).

–          The Civil and Structural Engineering programmes at Auckland and Canterbury are both ranked in the top 50.

–          Lincoln University and Massey University both rank in the top 100 in Agriculture and Forestry (at 51-100 and 30 respectively).

–          In the capital city, Victoria University of Wellington is ranked in the top 50 for Social Policy and Administration.

–          The University of Waikato has retained its high ranking in Education, ranking in the top 51-100 bracket, along with Canterbury, Otago and Victoria.

–          Auckland University of Technology’s Art & Design programmes are ranked in the top 51-100 places, along with the University of Auckland.

This year’s QS subject rankings are based on feedback from 44,426 employers, 76,798 experts, analysis of 28.5 million research papers and over 113 million citations.

For interviews or more information contact: Hazel Dobbie, Universities New Zealand, 027 838 2313, [email protected]

–          Universities NZ’s media release is at

–          Universities New Zealand, also known as the New Zealand Vice-Chancellors’ Committee, is the peak body representing the shared interests of New Zealand’s eight universities nationally and internationally.

–          Subject results for New Zealand.


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